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Get Dawlance water Dispenser on installment plans including “Dawlance WD-1030W”. You can get above product on both, installments or cash plans. These Dispensers Are Available to be sold on just a few clicks.
*Installment plans just for Multan

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Water is a basic need for human but if and only if it is cold enough to drink. Nobody likes drinking hot or even water with temperature slightly above normal.  You can get “Dawlance WD-1030W water dispenser” to always access and drink fresh water. You can get above product on both, installments or cash plans. Dawlance water dispensers on installments and cash are available in Pakistan on just one click. You will get a fully packed, brand new dispenser at your doorsteps. It has got numerous features to keep your water refreshed and clean during harsh summer weathers. Water cleaning dispenser prices in Pakistan are high as compared to the international market but Taj Electronic provides you with the top level brands that have got dispenser prices in Pakistan at a stable affordable range.

Water Dispenser WD-1030W| FEATURES

  • Dawlance WD-1030W is a modernly styled Dawlance water dispenser that can keep your water at 3 levels. Cold, normal and even and comparatively hot temperature.
  • It has got a fridge cabinet in it that acts as a  complete mini fridge. It can store water, milk and other eatables including fruits.
  • This product is normal sized water containing dispenser that not only looks elegant but is also compact in style.
  • There are multiple colors available for this product. For example, red, black and silver are the prominent ones.

Summer is coming with its full bloom and in rashy summers of Pakistan what else could save you? You can get dispenser on installment plans from us. A cheap and branded Dawlance dispenser can be the best option for your summer survival. We have simple installment plans for you to get our products to keep your water, food, and fruits preserved on the shortest note. You can buy a Dawlance water dispenser in Pakistan on both cash and installment plans from us. Just visit us to get whatever you need on easy plans!

We have been selling summer products from years and as a result, we have reached customer following and satisfaction. We offer different summer electronic products on easy installment plans in Pakistan. Other than just installment plans, we also offer these products on cash prices.

Getting a Disp on installment or cash price is not a problem because we have sold our products all over Pakistan on the course of the last few years.

Dawlance has always been considered as top brands of this era. These refrigerators are super cool and can keep your food, fruits, and vegetables preserved for hours even if power is gone.

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